Oh nooo! Steam DOWN!

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One of the things we never wanna hear “Steam Down!”

Most of the time you would think your internet connection is the problem, but.. sometimes Steam is actually down!

How do we know for sure?!

Actually, there’s a very nice status web page, called

>> SteamStat.us <<

So if Steam is acting up.. Don’t Panic! .. and just check the status


BOFHs vs .. Let’s try again!

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It’s been a while since last blog posting.  Some of us did actually get together online and had lots of fun, but.. there were only few of us.

So.. Let’s try again!

Get organized and get some BOFH/sysadmins together for some serious fun playing Team Fortress 2!

>>> Join our Steam group <<<


BOFHs vs ..

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It was quiet for some time..
Playing TF2 is more fun that writing a blog, or…am I wrong?  🙂

Anyway.. Lets try to find some people and plan a game together, BOFHs vs .. fill in the blanks

Winter is coming..

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Winter is coming and the nights are dark and cold.

I guess it’s time to get organized and get some BOFH/sysadmin together for some serious fun playing Team Fortress 2 together!

TF2 is free to play now, so if you’re a BOFH/sysadmin and you don’t own it, this is your chance and GET IT

Soon we will organize a game together and we need YOU!

Calling all sysadmin!

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The year 2011 has started and so did we.  The lucky ones returned to their job after a nice vacation, the more hardcore sysadmin never left their job..

And now.. it’s time to do what we good at “killing lusers“, not only at our job but also for fun!

Yes, I am calling you!   We need your help in Team Fortress 2!

It doesn’t matter what timezone you’re from, you’re still welcome!

So don’t wait any longer.

If you’re a sysadmin and play Team Fortress 2, join us in the fun so together we can shoot up some lusers 😉


Get your TF2 here

POLL – When do you play in the weekend?

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There is a little poll about when you play TF2 in the weekend.

You can find it here:  POLL – When do you play TF2 in the weekend?

Having fun together

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Hi everyone, next weekend there will be no planned event…


Check out the group chat at our Steam group. There you can meet some pretty cool people and join them in a fun game.